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x3_originaldoll's Journal

a walk to rememeber, abercrombie, abercrombie&fitch, acting, adio, aim, amor, angels, arizona, ashton kutcher, bald men, ballet, beatiful eyes, black nail polish, bleedinq masscara, blowinq kissesz, bo bice, boys with lip smiles, braclets, brand new, bras, britney spears, britty, cali, california, cameras, candles in the dark, cd`s, charm bracelets, cheering, chips, cows, crying, cuddling, cuddlinq in the grass, cupcakes, dancing, dancing in the rain, dashboard confessional, dave, deep slits, deeper scars, dessert, dessert; byjessica, diamonds, diet pills, disney, donkeys, doritos, dorks, drama dorks, dreaming, editable make-up, finding jake, flavored crayons, food, football players, fun in the sun, good charlotte, grassboys, guns `n roses, happy tears, hats, heath ledger, hideaways, hiqh hopes, his heartbeat, hope, hot guys, husky`s named binq, innocent love, jake, jimmyeatworld, josh hartnett, jr. midgets, keep sakes, kiss, layouts, lip qloss, lockets, lossinq weiqht, loves passed on, make-up, meg, memories, mid-night laughter, missing you, movies, music, my chemical romance, nerds, new york, newyork, paradise, paris_&nicole, pennsylvania water park, pheonix, pictures, point, poke-a-dots, purple bananas, push-up bras, quotes, rich grls, rinks, robby, romance, roses, rumors, running away, scary movies, scissors, secrets, sexy fruit, sexy sexy boy, shadows, singing, skate boarding, skaters, skating, smiles, somebody’s somebody, something corporate, soup, strawberries, stray liqht run, sugar cult, sweet dreams, sweet nothings, takinq back sunday, te quierro, teresa, the ring, the ring two, the used, thonqs, trapt, treenie, trina bean, tunnels, unbroken hearts, unexpected kisses, unwritten law, victoria secrets, walking in the rain, wet seal, whispers, whole hearts, willow trees, wishing